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Our digital x-rays provides critical information about your teeth and bone during dental exam. It allows the dentist to determine the problem and develop a treatment plan.

Dental Cleaning

Removal of dental plaque to prevent cavities and gum disease.  Cleanings should be done twice a year for both children and adults.  

Teeth Whitening

A treatment process to lighten or restore the natural shade of the tooth.  Our dentist will advise you of this procedure after an initial exam and digital X-rays.


A protective coating applied after a thorough cleaning and will bond into the depressions of the tooth creating a barrier for plaque and prevents onset of tooth decay.


A dental procedure to fill a cavity with a material after the tooth and has been cleaned and decay has been removed.


Is a cover to protect over a natural tooth and can be created in the shape, size and color to look and function as a natural tooth.

Root canal

A non-surgical procedure to save the tooth when it is still restorable. Dentist will remove the diseased or damaged pulp of the tooth, after the pulp is cleaned out, the inside area is filled and sealed.