Dental Procedures

A full array of dental procedures are offered at Bravo! Dental for both children and adults.  Please see the list below with a brief explanation.  If you have specific questions, please call us at 1-888-682-7286 and speak with one of our front desk staff.


Free Consultation. Flexible Ortho payment plans. Payments as low as $99. Billing directly to your insurance.


Our digital x-rays provides critical information about your teeth and bone during dental exam. It allows the dentist to determine the problem and develop a treatment plan.

Dental Cleaning

Removal of dental plaque to prevent cavities and gum disease.  Cleanings should be done twice a year for both children and adults.  

Children’s Dentistry

A specialized area of dentistry in treating children from birth through adolescence.   


A protective coating applied after a thorough cleaning and will bond into the depressions of the tooth creating a barrier for plaque and prevents onset of tooth decay.


A dental procedure to fill a cavity with a material after the tooth and has been cleaned and decay has been removed.

Root canal

A non-surgical procedure to save the tooth when it is still restorable. Dentist will remove the diseased or damaged pulp of the tooth, after the pulp is cleaned out, the

Gum Disease Treatments

Inflammation affecting the gum and bone tissue around and supporting the tooth.

Wisdom Tooth Extraction

A surgical procedure to remove wisdom teeth.

Night guard/mouth guard

Devices that will help protect teeth from excessive grinding during sleep or injury


A full or partial prosthetic device made to replace missing teeth and is supported by the soft and hard tissues in the mouth


A covering that hides the flaws on your natural teeth with the purpose of protecting the tooth and improving the aesthetic appeal of the tooth.