The 2021 vacation season is in full swing, perhaps not as spectacularly as many of us had imagined, but the world needs to turn.  

People after growing increasingly anxious about their careers as jobs become more demanding, where putting in long hours at the expense of other crucial elements of life is a norm has found their way through it by taking a break. When you work from home, it might not be easy to distinguish between business and personal time. Consequently, this can lead to stress. Taking vacations can make you stop worrying about stress.  

Vacations have been pushed to the bottom of our priority list most of the time, but now many have realized after going on vacations that they’re just as vital to good life, as much as nutrition and wellness. Vacations have been proved, in numerous studies, to be helpful to one’s physical, mental, and emotional wellbeing. Despite these findings, people’s vacation numbers are dismal even before the COVID-19 crisis.  

What can Vacations do to your life:  

Stress: Vacations are good for your mental health and wellbeing. When you are under immense pressure at work, your body reacts with a fight or flight survival response. Being stressed stops you from thinking straight and impedes your analytical and decision-making skills at work. Vacations can reduce anxiety, stress, and give time to get back to work with a clear mind. Giving yourself a break from the everyday activities that get you stressed is of paramount importance to your good health.  

Health: 21% people who do not take vacations have a higher risk of illness-causing hypertension. Vacations are considered as an exciting way to invest in your good health. A correlation between participants who used about two weeks of their paid vacation days and a metabolic syndrome incidence was found. As the number of vacations, you take increases, the incidence of metabolic syndrome and its symptoms, decreases.  

Productivity: Studies show that if you don’t take vacations, you’ll be less productive. Long stretches of work without a break, results in impatience, impedes your decision-making skills, cause miscommunication, and lead to more sick days. When you take a vacation, you reverse all of this and return with more energy, an upbeat attitude, and increased productivity. Although it may initially sound counterintuitive, vacations improve your productivity.  

Biggest investment: You are the most important resource for accumulating riches in your life. Vacations are the ideal investment that will increase your value over time. A vacation is an opportunity to broaden your horizons by seeing new locations, participating in new activities, and creating lasting memories. You meet exciting and remarkable individuals as a bonus, and you form relationships that benefit personal and professional life.  

Family time: Work sometimes forces you to make a certain compromises in your relationships, particularly those with your family. You miss out on family gatherings and frequent bonding chances because job demands take precedence.   


Life is simple, and yet a finite resource. Don’t shorten it by skipping vacations. The secret to a successful vacation is to have fun and take a mental break from work for a few days. 

Vacations are a few days of rest and recreation spent with family and friends. 

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