Researchers are learning more about how deadly COVID-19 is as it continues to spread across the world. While everyone is aware that this condition can have devastating effects on your lungs, you might be startled to learn that other sections of your body are also at risk.   

Here’s what we are talking about: can COVID actually affect your oral health?   

Many case studies have pointed to the affirmative. COVID-19 has various oral health impacts, ranging from tooth discoloration, weaker gums, tooth loss, and other dental illnesses. Few have realized that their teeth problems are a part of their post-covid recovery difficulties. However, the exact reason for these health issues is still unclear.   

How can COVID- 19 affect your Oral health:   

Blood Flow: The proper flow of blood is necessary for maintaining good dental health. COVID-19 alters the flow of blood throughout the body, which can have serious long-term consequences, according to growing studies. This is most noticeable in the teeth, which can quickly turn grey and fall out. Similarly, the jaws may be impacted because the abundant supply of blood arteries to the oral cavity may be harmed by reduced or disturbed blood flow.   

ACE2 Receptors: ACE2 receptors, which are proteins that help with vascular functions in the body, are found in your cells. The mouth and lungs, or the body areas related to breathing, have more ACE2 receptors. So, when the coronavirus enters the body, it latches on to ACE2 receptors, making it easy for the disease to start impacting your dental health as well.   

Cavities: One of the virus’s favourite places to attach itself is Cavities. Cavities, according to research, are a COVID-19 entry point. Therefore, it’s critical to get cavities treated and invest in dental health as soon as possible to continue to protect yourself from this severe condition. Additionally, many different viruses can impact the immune system, causing germs to build up in the mouth and causing a slew of other problems.   

How to take care of your Oral Hygiene during COVID:   

People may take less care of their oral health during the covid infection as it may not seem a priority at the time, but it looks like COVID itself could be a reason as to why their dental health has suddenly deteriorated post-covid. However, whether you have COVID or not, your dental health is something you must maintain to avoid decay and disease transmission.   

Our advice:  

Brush your teeth twice every day. Make sure to get those hard-to-reach areas. Flossing once a day would help remove bacteria and plaque from places that your toothbrush can’t reach. Avoid sticky, sugary foods like cake and cookies, and eat a well-balanced diet.   

Sugary drinks, including soda and fruit juices, should be avoided since they can affect tooth surfaces. Instead, drink a lot of water before, during, and after meals. Also, avoid smoking since it reduces blood flow to the mouth, making bacteria easier to develop.   

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