Dentures, also known as artificial teeth, are devices supported by the oral cavity’s soft and hard tissues to replace missing teeth. Dentures that are not detachable are known as conventional dentures (removable partial denture or complete denture). There are various denture styles available, some of which rely on bonding or clasping to teeth or dental implants.  

The top concern for every aged person is their lost teeth – it takes away what they held closest in their youth: their good looks. Dentures have been the only real solution. Because lost teeth can cause facial muscles to sag, making you appear older, it becomes an almost inevitable choice if you want to retain some of your youthful facial features.  

Dentures have been the standard therapy for missing teeth for centuries, and recent breakthroughs in dentistry have culminated in dentures that are more comfy, appealing, and useful than ever before. 

Although dentures are indisputably beneficial, many people have avoided them in the past. But here are a few advantages that dentures offer, which could potentially help change your mind! 

Benefits of the Denture: 

Improved self-confidence: Missing teeth could be a compelling reason for most people to avoid social situations. But a wholesome grin has a psychologically favorable effect on both the individual who smiles and the one who views the smile. A healthy smile can go a long way in creating favorable social climes. Reclaim such a smile with dentures! 

Reduced speaking problems: Missing teeth can also have a negative impact on your ability to communicate effectively. If you are inherently shy and introverted, missing teeth doesn’t make things easier. Though it would take some time to get used to wearing dentures, they can help you with all of your speech issues in the long run. 

Oral health: Dentures help to strengthen facial muscles and structures while reducing oral bone loss. Replacing lost teeth can dramatically improve your oral health, as it could prevent the gaps from becoming breeding grounds for germs. Food can quickly become caught or trapped in those gaps, resulting in bad breath and increased bacterial activity in your mouth.  This could result in cavities, gum diseases, and tooth decay, accelerating the deterioration of your oral health.  

Cost-efficiency: Dentures are a more cost-effective option for tooth replacement, compared to expensive dental implants. Dentures provide a completely functional set of teeth that look and feel surprisingly identical to the real ones, at less than half the price of implants. 

Reap the benefits of a complete smile – reclaim your youth with dentures. There is no looking back now. Schedule an appointment with Bravo Dental today to know about dentures and how they can help you! 

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