Root Canal treatments are frequent nowadays. The duration of root canal therapy is dependent on the type of tooth and the number of root canals required. Incisors, canines, and some premolars have only one root to treat, but molars and certain premolars may have up to three roots to treat.

A root canal treatment lasts between 30 and 60 minutes. However, more complicated cases may take up to 90 minutes.


Molars, the four-cusped teeth at the back of your mouth, can have up to four canals, making root canals the most time-consuming procedure. A molar root canal could take 90 minutes or more due to its time to extract, sterilize, and fill the roots alone.


The roots of your premolars are located behind your anterior teeth, but before your molars are only one or two. Depending on the framework of your tooth, a root canal in a premolar can take an hour or more.

Incisors and canine

The incisors and canine teeth are in the front of your mouth. As you chew, these teeth assist you in tearing and cutting food.

Because they only have one root, they are easier to fill and treat during a root canal procedure. Even so, root canals on one of your front teeth can take 45 minutes to an hour, and that’s not including the time it takes to receive a crown if you need one.

If your dentist is planning to place a crown simultaneously as the root canal, you’ll need to add at least an hour to your projected time. It is best to consider waiting a little more after the root canal to ensure the tooth has healed and there are no more issues.

How many dental visits does a root canal require?

Root canal treatment can now be completed in just one visit because of enhanced technology and modern tools. A one-visit treatment allows you to complete the entire procedure in a single day, saving you time and money. During this visit, drilling, filling, rinsing, and sealing will all be done.

But in some rare situations, where the procedure might be complex, you might require to visit your dentist twice for the treatment.

The first appointment is often cleaning and reshaping the tooth’s inner tissue with drilling, filing, and rinsing. The second session is usually utilized to address the tooth’s exterior by filling and sealing the disease-free space. In the time between the two treatments, the dentist may inject a medication into the tooth to help prevent the bacteria from returning. The second appointment is usually scheduled between one and three weeks after the first.

Any single root canal session should last between 30 and 60 minutes on average, but in more severe instances, the dentist may need up to 90 minutes.

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