It’s evident that the Corona Virus isn’t your typical viral illness. The virus can affect your respiratory system, eyes, immunity, and skin in a variety of ways, causing a slew of issues. Symptoms can continue for a long time, even after recovery in some cases.   

Doctors have also observed patients with weaker gums and enamel loss, which could be one of the most unusual post-COVID symptoms.  

There isn’t any direct evidence that COVID-19 is linked to poor oral health. Few studies, however, suggest that poor dental health may play a role in the development of COVID-19 symptoms. The virus has been proved to have an enormous impact on blood flow, which could be one cause for this. The coronavirus has been shown to disrupt critical blood flow in the body, resulting in a number of clots and uneven blood flow. Considering that the oral cavity is filled with a large number of blood vessels, decreased or compromised blood flow could have a serious impact on oral health. This, in turn, could be a possible explanation for how the virus damages and weakens oral health, resulting in tooth decay, gum disease, and bleeding.  

How is COVID-19 linked with Gum disease?  

As we understand more about COVID-19, we start to see its link to various medical disorders and complications in infected patients. According to a new study, gum illness has been linked to catastrophic COVID-19 outcomes and other medical issues. To comprehend how gum disease is linked to COVID-19, it’s necessary to first grasp how gum disease is linked to other health issues and its impact.  

Gum disease is a type of dental illness that affects the teeth’s supporting components, such as the gum tissue and bones surrounding them. Gum disease differs from tooth decay in that it results in holes in the bones that support the teeth’s roots. Cavities are created by tooth decay. Gum disease is so frequent that it affects 90 percent of the population. It is primarily caused by a lack of daily brushing and flossing and not visiting the dentist on a regular basis.  

Post effects of COVID-19:  

Bacteria that latch to the teeth and produce dental plaque might accumulate as a result of poor oral care. This is a common cause of gingivitis. A person with a severe disease like COVID-19 may be less likely to practise appropriate oral hygiene. This promotes the growth of dental plaque, which raises the risk of gingivitis. Bleeding gums may potentially be an indication of COVID-19, according to some studies.   

Dental experts are trying to identify whether the growth in oral disorders during the pandemic is attributable to COVID-19 or secondary factors such as stress, bad posture, or other problems. Despite the lack of clear evidence linking COVID-19 to oral health, people should aim to maintain appropriate personal and oral hygiene as a disease preventive strategy.  

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