Most people believe that extraction or surgical removal is the most common treatment for an impacted tooth. But, here’s some exciting news: Simpler orthodontic braces can be used to treat an impacted tooth.

Orthodontics is used to treat or enhance a wide range of dental health issues. Many usually think of visible problems like a crooked or crowded tooth, but braces can also help with the ‘invisible’ issues of an impacted tooth.

What is an impacted tooth?

An Impacted tooth is any tooth that is hindered from reaching its natural position in the mouth by tissue, bone, or another tooth. The impacted tooth has been prevented from breaking through the gum or sometimes partly impacted, which means it has begun to break through the gums. If the damage is severe and untreated, the impacted tooth can loosen and fall out, causing a neighboring tooth to loosen and fall out as well.

Many people are unaware they have an impacted tooth until they visit the dentist. An exam or x-ray verifies that a tooth is impacted. Some may experience sore or swollen gum, a headache, or even difficulty opening their mouth completely.

How orthodontics can help with Impacted tooth?

Orthodontic treatment done at the earliest is an effective technique to treat an impacted tooth. The treatment strategy is chosen based on the tooth’s growth direction, age, and intricacy.

Also, if adequate space for tooth eruption exists, the impacted tooth would erupt. Surgical intervention may be required if the impacted tooth is in a difficult site. Braces are the preferable alternative for minimizing tooth damage and controlling the eruption course.

Orthodontic treatments for Impacted tooth

Here are a few effective ortho treatments that could correct your impacted tooth.

Orthodontic Braces Treatment

If you have an impacted tooth, a set of metal or ceramic braces can be used to rearrange the tooth and make more room for the impacted one. If an impacted tooth has an overcrowded or crooked tooth, braces can move the tooth into the right position, ensuring that the entire arch of tooth is straight and properly spaced. Braces are used not only for aesthetic purposes but can also enhance oral health by making a tooth simpler to clean.

Ortho Aligner

Unless the problem is mild, ortho aligner is not commonly utilized to treat an impacted tooth. Clear aligners lack the pulling power of braces when it comes to getting an impacted tooth out of the gum and into the ideal position. Ortho aligner can be used to straighten a crooked tooth that has been pushed out of place by an impacted tooth.

If you have completed your braces treatment but have not had your wisdom tooth removed, you should see a dentist regularly to ensure the tooth does not become impacted or create overcrowding as they may emerge.

If you still need to know more about treating an impacted tooth and improving your overall dental alignment, talk to our experts at Bravo! Dental today.

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