Smiles make an impact. They have the ability to soothe an agitated person, turn a bad day into a good one, or make someone feel loved, welcomed and appreciated. ​

But if you have trouble smiling for any reason, it could be quite disappointing. One of these reasons is Jaw Misalignment. The structure of your jaw could impact the aesthetics of your smile. Some smiles can be crooked or slanted, which can seem unpleasant. ​

The good news is that such patients can benefit from orthodontic treatment. These procedures are able to potentially enhance a smile. ​

Orthodontic Treatments:

Orthodontics treatments serve to improve your smile and appearance in addition to straightening and aligning your teeth. This procedure is performed by a dental specialist who has received specialized training in this area. The therapy focuses on improving the patient’s smile, either by increasing the appearance of the teeth or aligning the patient’s jaw to fit together properly. ​

When you think of orthodontics, you probably think of braces or teeth straightening, but did you know that this discipline of dentistry also encompasses dentofacial orthopaedics, which focuses on changing the position and proportions of the facial bones and jaw? An easy method to differentiate them is that Orthodontics is concerned with straightening your teeth, whereas dentofacial orthopaedics is concerned with the bones that support your teeth.​

Treatment Options for Gaps in Orthodontics:

Traditional and lingual (inside) braces, Invisalign, and other dental solutions are best among the orthodontic treatments available for narrowing gaps between teeth. ​

Elastic Chain Bracelets (Traditional):

Braces use brackets, wire, and elastic chains to pull teeth into place. Teeth can be moved together, and gaps can be closed using small elastic bands linked in a chain. The coloured elastic chain is worn over the brackets that hold the teeth in place.

In six weeks to six months, elastic chains can fix gaps. Power chains are frequently used as the final stage in braces treatment, as other issues such as tooth alignment are addressed before the openings are closed. ​

Options for Aesthetic Braces (Lingual):

If you’re concerned about the discomfort of metal braces, transparent or lingual braces are an option. Clear braces function similarly to metal braces, except that the metal brackets are replaced by translucent ceramic brackets that merges in with the teeth. However, the cost of clear braces is higher than that of metal braces. ​


For some individuals with gaps, Invisalign is an option, but for others, it is not. A lot of it is determined by the magnitude of the chasm. Small gaps can be corrected with clear plastic aligners, but if the gap is too significant, aligners may not pull the teeth together enough, and the patient may need braces. ​

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