Starting a new academic year is always filled with a myriad of emotions, especially after a pandemic. It is undoubtedly both exciting and sad that summer is coming to an end. After a long time, schools all across the world have returned to live classrooms. When the lockdown was first announced in March last year (2020), most school-goers were undoubtedly thrilled that classes would be canceled for an extended period of time. But gradually, they have grown bored and no longer want to sit idle at home wasting away in front of the television or gaming consoles. Now that schools have found a way to reopen after the lockdown was announced, we see students bubbling with excitement every morning to attend in-person classes.    

Returning to school amid the coronavirus pandemic has evoked a mixed bag of feelings amongst teachers, students, and parents. Although Parents want to see their children back in school, they are concerned about the possibility of their children getting affected by the virus.  

Yet, considering all the safety protocols, parents and educational institutions are, in a sense, relieved in sending their kids back to school. The continuity of their kids’ academic pursuits seems to have become an equal, if not more important, cause of concern at this time.  

Students as well, have missed traditional classes and in-person interaction with their teachers and friends. Online classes have been the only method to keep interacting over knowledge in recent times. This has strained student’s creativity, not to mention their spirit and drive for learning.  

Evidently, the government as well believes that the advantages of an in-person school outweigh the risks of the current pandemic circumstances.  

Back to School norms:  

Knowing that there are low rates of in-school transmission, proper prevention measures, and the availability of effective vaccines for those aged 12 and up to make in-person learning secure and practical. Therefore, the guidelines majorly focus on three categories, namely attendance, social distancing, and hygiene.   

To protect the kids, teachers, and staff, schools must continue to utilize a multi-pronged, layered strategy that includes vaccination, universal mask use, increased ventilation, testing & biometric checks, quarantining, and cleaning & disinfection. With these layers of security, in-person learning becomes safe and possible. But schools need to keep an eye on how these regulations are implemented and how effective they are – without which the future of kids’ in-person education is at stake.  

Wearing uniforms, walking through the hallways, hearing the school bell ring, choosing desks, assembly announcements, chatting with friends during recess, having lunch together all of this still has its own unique vibe, something that children will cherish forever.  


Students feel lucky to be back in their live classrooms, despite the challenges that the pandemic has thrown at the formal school education system. Everyone involved, students, teachers, parents and support staff, are all excited about the move back to school.  

As the bell rings and students settle down to learn, a sense of wholesome satisfaction sets into everyone’s minds.  

Back to school spirit is finally here!   

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