Your oral health may be affected severely if you see your teeth are misaligned. Malocclusion, or misaligned teeth, is a frequent problem caused by simple crowding of teeth or childhood activities such as thumb-sucking. It’s critical to fix these dental flaws if you want to keep your teeth healthy.  

In many cases, poor teeth alignment and bite are caused by congenital causes. Facial development and hereditary factors also play a part. It could also be caused by gum, tooth loss, or wear and tear in adulthood.  

A malocclusion can cause both practical and cosmetic issues, compromising the ability to chew and, in rare cases, our ability to speak or smile, adversely affecting confidence.  

Is it possible to restore severely crooked teeth?  

Yes, but due to mouth shape, tooth placement, and other variables, each case of misaligned teeth is unique. Here are a few methods that can work well to align your misaligned teeth. 

Orthodontic treatment: For slightly misaligned teeth, orthodontic treatment with various types of braces is the best option. This will straighten the teeth using traditional fixed braces, internal lingual braces, clear aligners like Invisalign, or a mix of the same, depending on the severity of the misalignment and the specific situation. When you visit our office, we’ll analyse your teeth and determine which type of braces will be most effective for you.  

Orthognathic Surgery: In an exceptional situation, if there are major anomalies in jaw growth and development, a corrective jaw surgery may be required in addition to orthodontic treatment. However, this is a rare occurrence, and improved orthodontic treatment procedures suggest that many of these cases can now be resolved without the need for jaw surgery.  

Therapeutic post-procedure treatments:  

Restorative work may be required after braces have been used to correct the teeth, such as if the teeth are undersized or misshapen, or in adults whose teeth have been impacted by disease, wear, or damage.   

After the teeth have been straightened, there may be aesthetic concerns, such as the corners of the teeth not being of the same size or a variation in color between the misaligned teeth. Simple restorative treatments like composite bonding, fillings, and whitening are usually used, but in more severe tooth situations, like structural deterioration, restorations such as veneers or crowns may be required. 

How long will it take to fix your misaligned teeth?  

Each treatment solution and each patient will consume a different amount of time from the last. Depending on the individual instance and severity of the malocclusion, orthodontic treatments might take anywhere between six months to 3 years. It is necessary to use a retainer after your braces are removed to keep your teeth in their new locations. Also, proper brushing techniques after every meal or snack, and avoiding hard or sticky items that could harm or become lodged in braces are some of the things that have to be considered a part of the procedure.  

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