Dentures are a great replacement option for persons who have lost an adult tooth. It is typical for people to lose all of their teeth at some point, as they progress in age. Replacement teeth have existed for decades, but they have never been particularly comfortable. Fortunately, modern dental technology offers a variety of pleasant and attractive alternatives. 

Passing a certain age opens doors to a few unfortunate health concerns, and teeth damage is no exception. There are times when repairing teeth is no longer possible, and they must be replaced. 

Denture wearers require high-quality dentures at a reasonable price. Depending on the senior person’s needs, dentures can be categorized into two: 

Complete dentures: A whole set of fake teeth that replace all of a person’s upper or lower teeth. 

Partial dentures: A fake tooth that just replaces one or a few lost teeth of either jaw. 

Without dentures senior citizens could face a slew of problems. One such example is when the mouth structure begins to sag, making it difficult for them to eat comfortably or talk clearly. Their self-esteem will eventually suffer as a result. 

Dentures are a good option to alleviate such problems. 

However, some seniors experience the following issues after wearing a denture: 

  • Dentures that don’t fit properly might cause pain and discomfort. 
  • When dentures rub against the gums, it causes discomfort and edema. 
  • It can also cause an epulis, a callus that requires surgery to remove. 

Denture pain can also be caused by natural changes in the gums and jaw over time. Gums ebb and flow and the bone beneath the gum might shrink over time. Because the change is gradual, and many seniors are unaware of it, they might not notice it until it’s too late.  

Once seniors get their dentures set, they must take the following steps to maintain good dental health: 

  • Handling must be done with caution. When they fall, dentures are prone to breaking. 
  • Brush the gums, tongue, and palate with a soft-bristled toothbrush at least twice a day helps reduce plaque by stimulating circulation in your tissues. 
  • You must brush and remove their dentures on a daily basis, and soak them in water when not in use. 
  • Regular check-ups are necessary so that the dentist can detect any infections, or even early-stage mouth cancer. 

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