Did you know that this week is Root Canal Awareness Week? Yes, and that’s why we wanted to highlight the major benefits of root canal treatment.

Root canal therapy is a dental operation that alleviates pain caused by an infected or abscessed tooth (a pocket of pus caused by bacteria). The inflammatory pulp is removed during the root canal procedure. After cleaning and disinfecting the internal surfaces of the tooth, a filling is put in to seal the area. Root canal therapy is practically painless and usually causes fewer issues throughout recovery than having your original tooth pulled. However, that’s not all; getting a root canal treatment can help you in many other ways, and here are a few: 

Stops tooth loss 

There are several approaches to dealing with a decaying or cavity-ridden tooth. Some individuals prefer tooth extraction to remove painful teeth. However, tooth extraction leaves gaps between teeth, leading to problems. Patients do not have to worry about losing their teeth with a root canal, which helps to preserve the natural arrangement of their teeth. 

 Prevents infection 

The primary cause of decay in the tooth cavity is frequent pulp infections. If not treated, the diseased pulp continues to harbor such bacteria, which can rapidly spread to neighboring teeth. A root canal is consequently necessary for removing the diseased pulp that harbors germs, preventing their growth and spread. 

Maintains healthy teeth  

You only get one set of teeth in this life, so keeping them in good condition for as long as possible is critical. A root canal also helps to keep your teeth safe and healthy by halting the problem and preventing further damage. 

Eases the procedure 

A tooth extraction necessitates numerous lengthy and costly visits to the dentist for follow-up appointments for a denture, bridge, or implant, not to mention that these restorations may take weeks or even months to arrive from the lab. The implant procedure is so time-consuming that it can take up to a year before you have a tooth again. Who has the time for all of that? Root canals, on the other hand, can normally be completed in a single appointment lasting less than an hour. 

Prevents teeth shifting 

Did you realize that your teeth support each other? When a tooth is extracted or falls out due to disease, the good teeth around it can shift, limiting your eating ability and ruining your smile. At times like this, root canals can help you save your tooth from shifting to another place. 

Provides aesthetic appearance  

Everyone wants an appealing smile, but having broken or decaying teeth makes this difficult. A root canal will not only relieve pain and infection but will also help restore your smile. To complete the surgery, crowns, and fillings will be needed, which will also complete your look.  

Improves overall health  

Studies have shown that oral health is closely related to overall health. As a result, it is critical to take your dental problems seriously; they influence more than just your mouth and teeth. Enduring a root canal for an hour is preferable to ending up in the emergency room. 


Despite the common misconception that root canals are painful and ineffective, it is a vital function in dentistry to preserve natural teeth. If you have dental pain, think about your oral and overall health. A little discomfort could save you a lot of trouble in the long run. So, book an appointment at Bravo! Dental if you experience any kind of tooth pain or discomfort. Spread this root canal awareness to your loved ones and friends to save all their smiles too.

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