According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, about half the persons aged 30 to 65 have gum disease. From the age of 65 onwards, the percentage rises to nearly 70%. Even though gum disease is this frequent, there is some good news. Gum disease is easily treatable when caught early on. 

Gum disease can be defined as a severe infection of the gums that can cause tooth loss and pain. It’s critical to understand how to avoid gum disease and what treatments are available. You can stop gum disease in its tracks by detecting the early indicators of the condition. 

Reasons for Early Gum Disease  

Although Gum disease does not necessarily affect younger people, there are several external factors that could attribute to the advent of the disease. Bacterial Infections affect your gums and the bone that supports your teeth, causing gum disease, also known as periodontal disease. Gingivitis is an earlier stage of gum disease. If gingivitis is not treated in time, it can develop into periodontitis, a dangerous condition that can also result in tooth loss. 

Gum disease is commonly caused due to poor oral hygiene. Still, it can also be caused by heredity, advanced age, chewing tobacco, diabetes, chronic dry mouth due to smoking, drug abuse, AIDS, and other diseases. 

Signs of Early Gum Disease  

There are certain early warning indicators that you might experience if you have gum disease. Without a check-up, it’s difficult to make any assumptions about your oral health, but if you see any of these as your symptoms, you might want to book that appointment with the local dentist  

  • Sensitive teeth 
  • Gum recession 
  • Chronic halitosis/ bad breath 
  • Excruciating pain while chewing. 
  • Gum bleeding or tenderness 
  • Swollen or red gums 
  • Loose, Gappy and Crooked teeth 

Benefits of Early Gum Disease Treatment 

Gingivitis can be treated with professional cleanings that remove all signs of plaque, tartar, and germs from the affected areas. Scaling and root planning is a procedure that allows your gums to heal while also preventing infection. 

Early treatment of gum disease helps prevent your teeth from loosening and coming out, as well as avoid the necessity for more intensive treatments later on, such as dental restoration. Gum disease therapy may also enhance general health because periodontitis is linked to other major disorders, including heart attack and stroke. 

No matter how far along your gum disease has progressed, our expert team at Bravo! Dental can diagnose and treat you with minimal pain. However, detecting gum problems early and preventing the development of full-blown gingivitis or periodontitis is the greatest way to maintain your dental and oral health. Call 1-888-682-7286 to reach out to us at Bravo! Dental today! 


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