Bleeding gums are extremely common, to the extent that 90% of the population can have Gingivitis (Gum problem that causes bleeding). 

Bleeding gums are one of the first signs of gum disease and serve as a warning sign that something needs to be changed in our oral health routine. However, just because your gums bleed seems normal doesn’t mean you should ignore it. Quite the contrary, in fact. That is why we have compiled six ways to prevent bleeding gums. 

Brush Twice a Day 

This is listed first for a reason. Brushing our teeth for two minutes twice a day with a doctor-recommended toothpaste is essential for gum health and helps protect against other oral diseases. Brush your teeth last thing at night and once more during the day for the best results. 

Use Interdental Brush or Floss 

Another critical piece of a good oral health routine is the use of interdental brushes or floss. This is because a toothbrush cannot reach the gaps between your teeth. It is essential to get into these areas as cavities can form, potentially causing gum problems. 

Apply an Ice Pack 

Hold a small ice pack or an ice cube against the bleeding gums for about 10 minutes to help relax the gums. Ice packs are very effective at reducing bleeding and swelling in the mouth caused by minor mouth injuries or gingivitis. 

Use Fluoride Mouthwash 

Fluoride mouthwash is beneficial to oral health because it aids in the removal of debris from the mouth. It also aids in the prevention of plaque build-up. Moreover, it can help to freshen our breath by killing the bacteria causing bad breath (halitosis). When selecting a mouthwash, make sure it contains fluoride to help protect your teeth throughout the day. 

Healthy Living 

This is important not only for bleeding gums but also for overall health. A healthy diet rich in fruits and vegetables nourishes your body from inside out. When reading labels, remember that ‘no added sugar does not always imply that the product is sugar-free. It simply means that no additional sugar has been added and excludes the presence of naturally occurring sugars. Smoking and drinking alcohol are two lifestyle factors impacting your oral health. Smokers are more likely to develop gum disease. 

Go to the Dentist 

The dental office is the best place to go for any oral health issues, including bleeding gums. If your gums continue to bleed after 7-10 days, you mustn’t wait for your routine appointment and visit your dentist at once. A deep dental cleaning may be required to remove plaque and tartar and help heal gum. In addition, your doctor may prescribe lab work to rule out any vitamin deficiencies that could be causing gum bleeding. 

Healthy gums are necessary for healthy teeth. Studies have linked gum health to a lower risk of heart disease in recent years, so the benefits extend beyond our gum health. If you are experiencing discomfort in your gums or the bleeding has not stopped, then make your Bravo! Dental appointment right away. Say goodbye to gum pain! 

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