A smile that looks good and is healthy might make you feel more confident. But when things go wrong and your dental health is affected, you look for information online or from your friends & family. Unfortunately, there are many myths and misinformation that you come across with the potential to cause more harm than good. It is prudent to unravel those misunderstood concepts beforehand. 

We’ve dispelled the most common misconceptions and dental myths about oral health and care.  

Brushing hard improves oral hygiene. 

One of the most widespread myths regarding dental health is that brushing more vigorously results in a more thorough cleaning of the teeth. But that is wholly untrue. When the tooth is brushed more vigorously but not more thoroughly, the enamel is worn away. More cavities can develop if you clean your teeth too hard for a period of time. 

Gum bleeding during brushing is normal. 

You might see some blood when you brush or floss your teeth and think you cut your gums by brushing too hard or cutting them with the floss. That may be the case, but persistent bleeding is abnormal and may point to a major medical issue. Common issues like gingivitis and periodontitis can result in gum bleeding. 

Sugar causes cavities. 

The bacteria are primarily in charge of creating the acid that eats away the enamel of the tooth. Sugar in the mouth is a favorite food of the bacteria which only aggravates it and is not the main reason for cavities.  

Sensitivity is due to enamel erosion. 

Enamel care is essential, and tooth sensitivity shouldn’t be avoided either. It’s not always true that a tooth’s sensitivity is due to enamel erosion. It alludes to those who may be sensitive to a certain pressure shift or temperature change. The sensitivity has nothing to do with enamel. These widespread dental fallacies should be dispelled. 

Oral issues pertain only to the mouth. 

Many people believe that dental problems are only related to the mouth region. This is not the case, though. The entire body is interconnected with the mouth. So, the body will also be impacted if there is a significant issue in the mouth. Oral health has a direct impact on overall health. Hence, it is crucial to handle oral issues properly. 

No pain, no need for a dentist. 

One of the most widespread and untrue dental myths is this one. Many people wait until they have dental pain before going to the dentist. For routine checks, people should go to the dentist twice a year. The dentist can assist with any prior dental problems. However, a lot of people only visit a dentist when their mouth begins to hurt or feel uncomfortable. So, people shouldn’t believe these myths and misconceptions and instead should take adequate care of their oral health. 

People should avoid believing typical dental myths and misconceptions. Instead, brushing your teeth twice a day, flossing, scraping the tongue, using mouthwash, seeing the dentist for regular examinations, and other practices will help you maintain good dental health. To learn more about good dental health, contact Bravo! Dental and drop a visit to meet our experts. 

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