Gum disease is one of the most prevalent and severe oral diseases that often gets overlooked. It might be due to a lack of understanding or the dissemination of myths. Other, more well-known oral disorders such as cavities, impacted molars, and tooth decay might overshadow it.

This regrettable lack of knowledge about the condition is a severe issue, especially when it comes to your dental health. It’s essential to understand the facts about gum disease and the issues it might create.

1.Gum Disease can be Inherited.

Genetics is one of the most important elements to consider when it comes to oral illnesses. Even if you practice meticulous oral hygiene, there’s a possibility you’re at risk for gum disease if it runs in your family. That isn’t to say that gum disease is unavoidable for you. Periodontitis can be prevented by receiving regular dental exams and making healthy lifestyle choices like stopping or avoiding smoking.

2.Gum Disease is a contagious disease.

One little-known aspect of gum disease is that it may transfer from person to person — specifically, the germs from someone who has the condition. Because the germs may be spread from one person to another by saliva, doing the following with someone who has the disease puts you at risk:

  • Sharing toothbrushes
  • Continuing to use the same utensils, such as spoons and forks, without first cleaning them
  • Kissing
  • Using the same glass or bottle to drink from
  • Sharing direct-to-mouth food, such as Ice cream
  • If a family member or acquaintance has gum disease, sanitize your cooking equipment and avoid exchanging food and drinks.

3.No Cavities doesn’t mean no Gum Problems.

People often believe that having no cavities indicates good dental health and that your teeth and gums are in good shape. However, while tooth and gum health are connected, they are not the same thing. It is still possible to have perfectly healthy teeth despite having diseased gums.

4.Gum disease in pregnant women might affect their unborn child.

Pregnant women should see their dentist on a regular basis to prevent gum disease while it is still in its early stages. Since bacteria have already entered the circulation at later stages of periodontitis, the toxins they produce can create issues once they reach the placenta. In addition, the infection in the gums can interfere with the development of the unborn child. Women who had underweight kids or delivered early were shown to have severe gum disease.

5.Foul breath is a sign of Gum Problems.

If you’ve had foul breath on more than one occasion and it doesn’t seem to go away no matter what you do, it might be an indication of gum disease. The illness is caused by a bacterial infection that produces a terrible odour. Stop using breath fresheners and mints and see a dentist straight away if you have this problem.

Gum disease is a quiet illness that may strike anyone without them even realizing it. If left untreated, it can have major consequences for your overall health. When it comes to periodontitis, it’s always a good idea to be well-informed since you’ll be able to prevent the illness at its early stages.

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