It is said that the first thing someone notices about you is your smile, so if you’re self-conscious about your stained teeth, you’ll feel self-conscious and awkward when you meet someone new. You probably believe that your teeth stains are the only thing people notice, and while this is unlikely, it’s reasonable that you want your smile to be as white and gleaming as possible. While drugs or high fevers cause some stains in childhood, most teeth stains are caused by our own actions. The causes for these stains can be classified into three types as follows,

Types of teeth stains:

1.Extrinsic Teeth Stains

2.Intrinsic Teeth Stains

3.Age-related Teeth Stains

Extrinsic teeth stains

An extrinsic teeth stain affects the surface of the teeth. It occurs when staining particles, such as food and drink residue, accumulate in the protein layer covering the teeth enamel. The following factors commonly induce extrinsic teeth tints:

Coffee\Tea \Wine
Cola-based\ acidic beverages
Sports Beverages
Sweets\ intensely colored fruits
Poor dental hygiene

These products normally do not immediately affect the teeth, but they can have a long-term impact. It’s essential to drink plenty of water after eating any of them, as well as brush your teeth and get regular dental cleanings. In most cases, whitening toothpaste could remove almost all of these stains after a few weeks of constant application. If toothpaste doesn’t work, professional dental whitening may be necessary.

Intrinsic teeth stain

Intrinsic teeth stain occurs below the teeth’ surface. It happens when stain-causing particles penetrate the teeth’ surface and collect within the enamel. Excessive fluoride consumption has also been related to intrinsic stains, particularly in youngsters. It’s more challenging to remove an inherent teeth discoloration, but it can be done. Inherent teeth discoloration may require professional bleaching or the use of a chemical teeth whitening treatment at home. Bonding or crowns are the most common treatments used to cover up these stains. They are placed over the teeth and can be contoured to the curve of the teeth to make them appear as natural as before.

Age-related teeth stains

Intrinsic and extrinsic teeth discoloration is combined in age-related teeth stains. Teeth darken with age because the dentin, the basic tissue of your teeth, naturally turns yellow. In addition, the enamel that protects our teeth thins with age, enabling the dentin to peek through. Most adults’ teeth will darken with age due to intrinsic and extrinsic factors such as the effects of certain foods and beverages. Professional whitening may not be able to get the enamel as white as you like. If professional cleanings aren’t enough, your dentist may be able to bond your teeth or cap them with crowns to help them look natural.

Professional whitening procedures ensure to return your smile to its true brightness and whiteness. Make an appointment with us today if you’re tired of feeling self-conscious about your stained teeth. Step into Bravo Dental now, where our cosmetic dentists can help you determine the ideal solution for your smile.

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